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Drown in the Fatness - Part 1/5 by Belt-Buster

I like your use of darker colors in this one and compared to your previous pieces, I note a definite attempt to create a "weight" to he...

by JayKuma

I think there's a definitive lean toward Manga style depiction of characters with your newer works and I have to deem it a serious impr...

I looked at all of the images from this particular set and I have to say that this one is the one that seems to appeal the most to me. ...

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I stand with Russia... by plumptopia

The United States, by the admission of our State Department, caused the creation of ISIS in the Middle East when we removed Saddam from Iraq and crushed Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and failed to stabilize the two countries afterwards. Now Russia has gone in to clean up the mess that we made. And Turkey, a NATO member, our ally, shoots down one of their fighters. Now Russia says it didn't violate their airspace. Turkey says it did. Turkey says the plane they shot down violated their airspace for 17 seconds and less than 2 miles. That's right...17 seconds. They also say they warned the plane 10 times during a five minute period. What five minute period? If the plane was only inside their airspace for 17 seconds, how did they "warn" them off for five minutes? Their own story doesn't even hold water. What does hold water is the fact that last week, the Turkish government sent a stern warning to Russia to leave the "Turkmen" of Northern Syria alone because they were Turkey's personal lackies inside Syria. The Syrian government however, is moving this week to secure that section of their country and quite honestly, I wouldn't want armed militants from another country holed up in my border regions either. So ya'know what...Bashar has every right to be kicking Turkmen ass in Northern Syria. If they don't like Syrian rule, cross the border and go back into Turkey where you came from. So what happened, is Russia provided air cover for the advancing Syrian Army against the Turkmen and a pair of Turkish F-16s that "just happened to be on patrol along the border" at just the right time, decided to fire heat seeking missiles at the passing Russian fighter/bombers as they skimmed along the border. How do we know that? Simple, the plane went down four miles INSIDE Syrian territory. The crew, which bailed out, came down inside Syrian territory and were attacked by Turkmen militants as they descended in parachutes. [I might also add this is a Geneva Convention violation...not that the Turkmen militants probably care.] Later, the same militant a-holes also used a US made artillery weapon to shoot down the Russian rescue copter sent to recover the airmen. In so doing that, they killed a Russian marine. So men and plane crash 4 miles inside Syria.

And do you honestly think Russia would fly their fighters into a NATO partner's airspace while flying combat sorties...risking WWIII? Especially when said hypothetical incursion accomplished nothing? No, they wouldn't. Putin is many things, but stupid, he is not.

However, the Turkish government is known for over-running the border of it's neighbors including Greece and Syria. They also had a vested interest in attacking those Russian fighters to protect their own little contingent of militants within Syria. As Putin says, there ARE NO moderate militants in Syria. If they are not Syrian government, then they are militants and terrorists. The US and NATO need to stop picking and playing with these militant groups. They are like rabid dogs and will turn without warning. Ya'know...Osama bin Laden was on our side once upon a time while the Mujahideen fought the Russians in the 1980's in Afghanistan. But as soon as Russia withdrew, Al Qaeda was formed and began coming after all Western nations. You can't pick and choose in the Middle East. Bashar is the duly elected president of Syria. Just because you don't like him doesn't mean he doesn't have a right to rule his country. He's no worse than any other leader who's going to replace him. Quite honestly, you have to be a sadistic a-wad in order to rule an Arabic nation. Saddam Hussein was a giant, murderous jerk...but you know what? He kept Iraq in line, didn't he? Be wishing ole' Saddam was back now, ain't we? So now as we sit on the precipice of WWIII, keep in mind, despite our self-righteous claims, we may not and probably ARE NOT in the right. Let us thank Obamee for that. 12 months...12 more months...and pray it ain't Hillary that takes his place. A lot of you will probably ask me why I'm not being patriotic in this situation. It's a valid question. But in this case, I think my patriotism is at war with rightness. There are times when our great nation's government and leaders are just plain damn wrong on things. This is one of them. Had Turkey shot one of our planes down for a 17 second incursion, we'd have had a shitfit over it. Turkey had ulterior motives as most of the muslim/islamic countries do in regards to Syria...including us and the Russians. We cannot trust Turkey nor back them in matters like this...NATO ally or not. France...France is our true ally. And you see what they're doing...backing Russia and kicking ISIS ass. So we're ignoring France...and backing Turkey????????? Take a long look at it. Blind patriotism gives way to tyranny. Question your leaders before you follow them...especially into war and violence. And if you're an American...ask yourself...who do you want to fight for...France or Turkey? And I think you'll know pretty quick who's side you want to be on.

Just a little addendum, in case my rant doesn't make you hate Turkey enough as it is.  Last week during a soccer game in Turkey, when a moment of silence was called to mourn the dead in Paris following the attacks there...the Turkish crowd booed and chanted "allahu ackbar," in support of the ISIS attacks.   Yeah...that's what I said.


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