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For those of you unfamiliar with the Fortean phenomenon known as the "Mandela Effect"...let me inform you. Many people claim Nelson Mandela died in prison and did not ever become President of South Africa. People swear to it...recall seeing his funeral on television...and all provide similar details regarding it. Yet most of us know him to have died only a short while back and long after having been president. Anyway, so this "memory" of things that did not happen has become known as the "Mandela Effect." Recently, it's been picking up steam in the Fortean circles as more and more unexplained phenomenon are being discovered and shared. Have we all taken the red pill? I don't know. But here's a little test. Write down your answers to the following set of questions and then click the link for the answers.

1. "________" I am your father [Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back]

2. "_________, ___________" on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? [Snow White]

3. It's a wonderful day in " ________ " neighborhood [Mr. Roger's Neighborhood]

4. Nobody " _________ __________ " like Sara Lee [Sara Lee Commercials]

5. Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny cartoons were called, "Looney _________" [spell this one out how you remember it spelled]

6. Interview with " ______ " Vampire [Name of Tom Cruise movie and book by Anne Rice]

7. Sex "____" the City [The television show and movie]

8. Is actor Jim Nabors who played Gomer Pile on the Andy Griffith Show dead?

9. Is televangelist, Billy Graham dead?

10. Life "____" like a box of chocolates [Forrest Gump movie]

11. Do you recall ever seeing a painted portrait of Henry the VIII holding a turkey leg?

12. When did actor Jack Palance die? [City Slickers "Curly" the cowboy & Ripley's
Believe it or Not TV series]

13. If you build it, "______" will come [Kevin Costner's movie, Field of Dreams]

And before you read further...take a deep breath and calm yourself. Because more than likely you are about to become shocked and frustrated at why your answers are not correct. And before you dispute any, know that they have all be checked, double checked, and triple checked. In this current timeline, the answers you are about to read are factual. Though much evidence still exists to the contrary.

ANSWERS BELOW___________________________________________________________>>>>>>

1. No
2. Magic Mirror
3. This
4. Doesn't
5. Tunes
6. The
7. And
8. No
9. No, he is not.
10. Was
11. No there is not one.
12. He did not die until 2006.
13. He

1. Luke
2. Mirror, Mirror
3. My -or- The
4. Does It
5. Toons
6. A
7. In
8. No, died in the late 80's or early 90's of throat cancer or aids
9. Many say yes.  I in fact, recall seeing his funeral on TV around 2000.  His son was
there and did the eulogy along with President Bill Clinton.  Al Gore did not attend
because he was campaigning or something.
10. Is
11. Yes - and if you do a Google search, you'll find many people lampooning this so-
called non-existent painting.  Where did the idea come from if the image doesn't exist?
12. Many recall him dying before the completion of or shortly after the completion of
City Slickers 2 - in addition, many remember seeing the "In memory of" notice when the
movie debuted at theaters.
13. THEY...everyone remembers "they"...not "him."

And so now I know you'll argue over Star Wars.  It's cool.  I had to dig out my own DVD
to check it.  I had a small emotional melt-down.  I have not met one person yet who does
not say, "Luke" as the answer.  So where it did it come from?  Did we all frick'in imagine
the wrong line from the movie?  Watch Empire Strikes Back.  It don't even sound right in
the scene at Cloud City.  "No, I am your father..."  WTF???

Mirror, Mirror...'nuff said.  How?  I have no words for it.

I actually remember "MY" in "be my neighbor"...and I remember the
song differently as well.  My wife remembers the "the" version.  I recall it specifically as
the following:

"It's a wonderful day in my neighborhood, a wonderful day to feel so good...won't you
be, could you be, my neighbor?"

Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee?  It's a double negative.  It doesn't even make sense.  It also
doesn't sound right when you hear them sing it on the commercials.

Tunes???????  That's a musical word.  Like iTunes!  It was frick'in LOONEY TOONS!  Check
the Roger Rabbit movie...they lived in TOON-Town!  How???????

There's actually video clips of Tom Cruise saying, "Interview with A vampire" and yet
there it is.

Sex AND the City???  Again, it sounds stupid.  Look at the logos that pop up on Google
search.  Not right.  It was distinctly SEX IN THE CITY and the logo was all white in color.

Jim Nabors...I distinctly recall seeing the funeral on television and I'm fairly certain it
was from throat cancer...others remember aids.  Who knows.  Apparently the dude is
still alive...or so we're told.  Ask me again tomorrow after the Matrix resets.


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Can u do a blueberry inflation of a girl who looks like violet from 2005 but with a 1971 belt
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I was looking for one of your journal entries and in the list of links I saw
"An update on my survey and ass..."
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Yeah, I have a dirty mind...but you've known that for a few years now.
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There is honestly no telling what I was doing when writing whatever.  I work strange hours sometimes.  Not unusual to find entire words missing from my comics.  Or even the wrong word.  As for my ass...if I could find it...I might be able to answer that question.  Likely it's in need of updating.  It's firmware has been defunct for some years now.
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Actually it was cut short from "associated project" but still too good to let go.

Man...I got a few parts I should upgrade....
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