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FORMAT: EBOOK – KINDLE FORMAT [Free software available for reading Kindle books on PC]
PRICE: $3.00

Reposting or redistribution in whole or part, in any form or format is prohibited under international law.

Contact me for exact links if you can't find the book in the Amazon listings.

It was about 10:00 a.m. when I opened the stairwell door and emerged onto the roof of the apartment building. The sun was up and the day looked nice, but unfortunately, I was going to be spending it working on the damned satellite cable. Sometimes being the handyman can really suck.
With a toolbox in one hand and my trusty portable YV in the other, I set out across the boiling rooftop toward the received dish with the full intent of doing my job. But, about halfway across the expanse, I found myself standing perfectly still with my mouth agape.
Lying atop a large beach towel, nestled between two of the air conditioning units, was, and I still believe it's true, the most pregnant woman I had ever laid eyes on. She lay on her back, with a large sun-hat kicked forward on her head to cover her face. Her bikini top was unsnapped in the middle, and each of its over-worked cups were flung to her sides, revealing her gigantic cleavage for all the world to see.
All I could do was just stand there and stare like some twelve-year-old seeing his first nudie book. For a time, I debated over whether I should say something or just pretend I hadn't seen her and carry on with my business.
Needless to say, the sight of her hugely swollen breasts (double D's I'd guess by the look of them) did play some part in my decision. They were round and firm with large brown areolae, and the nipples, whoa…they were big. Probably standing a good inch outward, about the size of the end joint of your little finger. (Her kid-to-be would definitely not be malnourished by any means.)
The woman was gorgeous in all possible ways, with the exception of the gargantuan belly that rose upward a good foot above the rest of her body. There was no denying her pregnant condition, not with her stomach in such display, with its expelled belly button and light brown line running upwards from her pubic hair. Spidery blue vessels were visible, indicating where her skin was over-stretched, and giving her midsection an almost explosive look.
After a while, I decided I'd better get to work before the woman awoke and discovered that I was observing her. By total accident though, as I turned to walk toward the satellite dish, I bumped my damn toolbox into one of the air conditioners and the metal-on-metal clang brought the woman up from her slumber with a jump.
Instantly, the woman flicked the hat from her eyes and attempted to sit upright. Unfortunately, her massive belly disagreed with her attempts, and for several seconds she struggled to right herself, finally achieving success by rolling sideways and using one of the air conditioners for leverage. Realizing she was topless, she began to scramble for her bikini, which she fumbled with for some moments before abandoning it and grabbing her sun-hat. Her endeavor to cover her naked and swollen body was ill-fated though, as she soon discovered that the hat was not large enough to cover her stomach and tits both at the same time. Sighing, she settled on hiding her jugs and allowing her protruding gut to poke out below the hat brim.
"Who the fuck are you?!" she blurted almost angrily. "You scared the hell out of me!"
"I'm sorry," I said, feeling blood rush to my face. "I didn't mean to startle you…I didn't know you were up here. You know the tenants aren't supposed to be up here, anyway."
"Oh," she said, her anger suddenly altering to confusion. "Could you uh…turn around for a minute?"
"Oh sure," I said, turning around so she could replace her swimsuit.
"I was just trying to get some sun, y'know…it's good for the stretchmarks," she small-talked as she dressed. "I'll go downstairs though…I didn't know the rule about—"
"Uh…I'm gonna be up here for a while, if you want to finish…tanning," I smiled to myself, highly hoping she would accept and remain there while I worked on the dish.
I noticed a bathrobe lying to my left and I immediately realized that she would probably want it to cover herself with before letting me turn around again.
"Do you want this?" I asked, grasping the garment and holding it out behind me.
"Oh hell…go ahead and turn around," she grumbled. "You've already seen me damn near in my birthday suit anyway."
Without further invitation, I obliged and turned around to hand the robe to her.
Ever since I posted the cover of the eBook, people have been asking for a sample of the actual text from the book, so I finally got my friend, Jackson, to allow me to post a selection from the book. So here's a quick cut of the book, PREGNANT PASSIONS, available in ebook format from Amazon. If you don't own a Kindle, don't fret...Amazon has a downloadable FREE viewer for your PC that lets you read and open Kindle format ebooks. The book has nine short stories and is well over 40,000 words. It is totally erotic in nature though and is not intended for persons under the age of 18. Graphic and sexually oriented situations involving lactation and pregnancy, so you've been warned. If you can't find the book at Amazon, PM me and I'll give you a direct link to it.

Master-of-the-Boot Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, sexy :D
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Thank you!
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